Owain Clarke

Multi-instrumentalist Owain Clarke has been playing music since the age of 11. 

Owain's Welsh roots have led him to explore the music of the medieval Robert ap Huw manuscript on both Teifi and Ardival harps. Owain has spent many years exploring and developing the musical connections between the Celtic harp and the musical traditions of West Africa, the Middle East, India and Spain and his passion for traditional forms is informed with the eclectic understanding of a 21st Century musician.   

The rest of Owain's professional time is given over to music therapy, particularly in the area of autism. 

Jon Leadbeater

JON BEGAN PLAYING TABLA in 1987 working on the Banaras Tabla Gharana system of training inspired by Pandit Sharda Sahai. In 1990 Jon became a student of Pandit Sharda Sahia and was encouraged to spend more and more time developing his repertoire by the great tabla master.

Jon has performed a myriad of concerts, festivals, recordings, workshops and taught Tabla since 1998 in the South of England, the UK, Spain, France and Portugal in a wide variety of classical and fusion situations, most notably Tant. His fluid and complex style is deeply connected to the improvisatory nature of both Indian classical music and the jazz form.


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EMERGE \ 2012

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Tant Blues

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Tant in Romsey 2


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